Tips: First Steps With Your Mac

If this summer you bought a new Mac for the return to school but you still do not know how to use it, do not despair. Today we give you some useful tips to start enjoying your new laptop without problems.

At first the Apple system can be a bit complicated because it is very different from Windows and also has many hidden functions and shortcuts . That is why, if you are a little green, we teach you the first steps, and for those who already know it, they may even learn something new or interesting or remember something they had forgotten.


  • First of all the first thing you have to do is update the software. To do this you only have to open the drop-down menu on the icon of the apple and click on “Software Update”.


  • Then you should familiarize yourself with the Mac system and its details, such as the operation of Finder , the system’s file explorer.An important detail to keep in mind is that to close an application completely you have to get out of it. To do so, choose the option in the menu above or you can press Command + Q. Otherwise, even if you close the window, the application will continue consuming resources.


  • Another of the first steps that with your Mac is to configure access to the network. To do this you can synchronize your Twitter and Facebook accounts in “Internet Accounts” in “System Preferences”, just as it is convenient to configure the email so that you are much more comfortable to work.
  • In addition to the internet accounts you must configure Expose, Mission Control, Launchpad and desks. These, at first, can be somewhat complicated. However, they are very useful functions. In this way with simple gestures you can see all the contents of the desktop , or choose an application or move between them easily. In addition also to work is much more comfortable if you put more than one desk.


  • Another function that can be very useful is to activate the secondary button of the trackpad . This is the right mouse button, which on the Mac usually comes disabled by default. To activate it, enter “System preferences”, “Mouse” or “Trackpad” and click on the option “Activate secondary click”.

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