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What is Romanticism

If your attention is drawn to everything that has to do with romance , then you should know what romanticism is . That’s where the word comes from after all! Do not you know everything that romanticism entails in general?

Well nothing happens, because here and now you can learn much more about it. Discover all that romanticism entails and get much more into the world of romance. What are you waiting for to know what this is all about !?

Everything you need to know about romanticism

The word romanticism, as you may suppose, has many denotations and different disambiguations. Therefore, it must be specified that the romanticism to be treated in these lines is related to history. So, it can be said that romanticism was a cultural movement that originated in Germany.

It dates from the 18th century and emerges as a revolutionary action against enlightenment and Neo-classism. A lot of priority was given to the feelings of people in this era thanks to romanticism!

This particular movement is considered as the first of its kind to cover all of Europe completely. It had its heyday in the 1800s and 1850s! It is characterized, mainly, by its tendency to break with the classicist tradition based on stereotypes. Romanticism sought emotional freedom! In fact, so much is its ambiguity in the matter, that each country had and has its own definition of romanticism . Hence, words like romance are obtained!

Among the characters that identify this time of love in the world is:

  • The subjective being with everything.
  • To expand or exalt the individual self.
  • The outright opposition to any classical norm.
  • The valuation of national traditions and the average age.

Romanticism and painting

Although the romanticism was felt in all areas, the one that was most affected was the artistic. Painting, above all, stood out at that time as the best way to represent the romantic movement . It is in these, where you can perceive the aesthetic elements that changed part of the universal history. Everything took a 180 ° turn!

The stories located in the Middle Ages and the Middle East, natural settings and other similar things. All this comes from romanticism! Here it was always nature that played the leading role in a dynamic and fierce way.

Romanticism as a symbol

At the end of the day, what was achieved with this movement was to give humanity a name to define their feelings . A name that allowed them to express themselves as they are! In this particular time, the sentimental and introspective topics that were touched were:

  • The feeling of loneliness, which is represented very well with romanticism. You feel that you are alone in the world!
  • The exaltation of the unreal, imagination being a determining factor of the time.
  • The idealism with nature, which created us and allowed us to inhabit this beautiful world.
  • The exaltation of the individual self. Because we are not all the same, everyone thinks and feels differently!

All this was what I was looking for and what Romanticism achieved at that time. For this reason it is said that a person is very romantic when he is open-hearted!


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