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How men look if they like you

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If the masculine glances are the reflection of his soul we could conclude that there are cold men -sometimes icy, I would say-, warm, deep, superficial, friendly, despicable, kind, hateful … and of all kinds. Identifying them sometimes takes time, we have to stop for a moment to evaluate their body language and decode the signals they emit in a man in each gesture.

Some men tend to have more abilities than others to lie. In some this habit becomes pathological, but in almost all, there are gestures that the liar can not control and only navigate with luck when they are in front of a woman unable to understand the telltale signs.

Truths and lies of male glances
Body language, and looks, generally say more than words. Surely you have found yourself in that situation in which despite the oaths and promises, you feel that they lie to you or at least they do not tell you the whole truth. In those cases, it is enough to be a bit intuitive and let ourselves be carried away by what we see and not by what we hear. It is said that women are particularly sensitive and there is even talk that we are endowed with a sixth sense to detect liars of all kinds, but above all those that concern our partners or our children.

But this is pure feminist speculation, the truth is that when we like someone we look with dissimulation and if we walk alone, in conquest plan, there is a certain halo of flirtatious invitation in our eyes.

Men, on the other hand, fix their gaze a few seconds more than they would with a friend or with an individual who did not awaken their interest, they lower their chins, they tilt their heads and their eyes seem to shine more than normal. They follow with the sight the displacement of the prey and it usually happens that they do not lose foot or footprint until verifying that they are accompanied or that they have been discovered.

Of course, things change over time and if that initial attraction settles in a much more intimate relationship, the way of looking evolves, becomes equitable in both sexes, and from furtive and elusive we pass to the exciting direct glances to the eyes that They usually last more than five seconds and unleash stormy moments of passion .

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