Linux Tips: Nutty

The collection elementary-apps is a source of third-party software developed for the Linux distribution elementary OS. There are some interesting applications in this. One of these is Nutty, a program that brings together all kinds of tasks for network diagnosis. To install Ubuntu-based Linux distributions, first add the appropriate PPAs:

sudo apt add-repository ppa: elementary-os / stable

sudo apt add-repository ppa: bablu-boy / nutty.0.1

Then update the package sources and install Nutty:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install nutty

Nutty consists of five tabs. The first tab shows information about your system. If you select a network interface, you will see relevant information such as MAC address, IP address and signal strength. If you enable View Details, you will see even more low-level information, for example about the driver and firmware.

In the Usage tab you get to see how much data your applications are uploading and downloading. In the Speed ​​tab you perform a speed test on your internet connection and a traceroute to a random computer. In the Ports tab you can see the status of all active ports. And when you open the Devices tab, Nutty scans all IP addresses on your network.


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