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Gray hair appear because of stress

It’s not just the years that fill our white hair head. Apart from the genetic factor, which must also be considered, a new research reveals that stress is also a trigger factor in the loss of hair color.

It is becoming more frequent to see younger people with white hair. And every day is more common that we live stressful situations in our day to day. Researchers from Tokyo Dental and Medical University and Kanazawa University in Japan have scientifically proven that stress is capable of turning the hair bank through the damage it causes in the stem cells responsible for hair pigment.

But not only that. Stress causes hair loss and when that hair grows back they have less pigment, that’s why they are gray. Hence the myth (to a certain point) that stress causes the appearance of gray hair.

Loss of hair color with stress

Scientists believe that anything that curbs excessive stress could stop the loss of hair color.And not only that. Avoiding stress in stem cells and failure to maintain the genome, could also prevent the decrease in the capacity of tissue renewal and thus delay some signs of aging: dry skin or wrinkles, among others. They conclude that hair graying may be caused by responses to genomic damage through the differentiation of stem cells.

The results of the research were published in the journal Cell. As for stress, it can be avoided with good habits in daily tasks, in food , and in physical and emotional health.

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