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Brittle, dull hair

A brittle, slow-growing hair suffers from a woman’s nutritional deficiencies , especially from lack of vitamins as well as protein and water. Hair, like nails, are modifications of the epithelial tissue that have an essentially protective function. Primitive men were covered with a thick layer of hair that was distributed over most of their bodies and was used to protect them from the cold, the sun, the bites of insects …

Many of these hairs were left on the long road of evolution and fortunately the protective hair that covers us today is often imperceptible except in some areas where it is more noticeable as the pubis, the armpits and the head.

For you to know it better, the hair is a protein filament that is born in the hair follicles of the skin pores . Its hardness and thickness vary depending on the hormonal changes.Others, such as shape and color , integrate the genetic inheritance; while the appearance and vigor of the hair speaks of your eating habits .

Nutritional deficiencies and brittle hair

A brittle, slow-growing hair, more than talking, shouts about a person’s nutritional deficiencies, especially the lack of vitamins A, B, C, biotin, and the minerals copper, iron and zinc, as well as proteins and water. .

The hair, in its extension, does not have nerve terminals, so it does not hurt, it only emits signals, through its appearance , that are not always taken into account. Some people even hurt it much more by subjecting it, over and over again, to jerks, dyes, chemicals, bleaches, and very high temperatures, without giving nature time to replenish its balance.

The effect of curling or permanent straightening

The effect of curling or permanent smoothing , for example, is achieved thanks to the chemicals used penetrate the outer surface of the hair or cuticle, weakening it; Tears and discolorations, on the other hand, break the protein bonds of the filament ; whilebrushing hair or brushing with inadequate bristles produce a friction that stretches, breaks hair .

Buckles, brooches, plush and elastic bands, as well as salt or chlorine that do not leave in time after going to the beach or pool also damage its appearance. Another extremely aggressive external agent is the sun , which when it is very intense and continuous can change the natural color of the hair and, with greater ease, degrade the dyes.

Fortunately, cosmetology has achieved an effective alliance with other sciences and there are many products that help us improve the appearance of hair , at least temporarily, as they manage to repair excessive porosity, cover the hair shaft and close the scales of the cuticle producing a greater effect of docility, shine and softness to the hair .

The essential to know that no mask or lotion reverses the damages established in the filaments, only repairs them temporarily ; nor is a cut a guarantee that the hair will grow more vigorously. The important thing is to combine these products and actions with more specific therapies that act on the scalp and at the same time we use shampoos, conditioners, creams and silicones, balance the diet with grains, vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, meat, fish, legumes and unsaturated fats, regulate alcohol consumption, avoid tobacco and incorporate physical exercise into our daily routine.

At the domestic level there are natural products that can be useful to prepare lotions and treatments with a positive effect on the hair and scalp . Such is the case, for example, of lemon juice and vinegar, which, diluted in water, makes the filaments silky and easy to comb.

The avocado in the form of puree, like the beaten egg mixed with a spoonful of olive oil, acts at the level of the hair follicle, providing important restorative nutrients so it is recommended to apply it for 15 minutes once a month.

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