The Privacy Pro app ensures that annoying trackers do not chase you while browsing the web. Long live the freedom!


So-called trackers follow your browsing behavior from site to site. Of course, with the intention of making a digital profile of you, for example, destroying you with targeted ads. However, your entire browsing behavior can also be used for one thousand and one other less pleasant intentions. If you want to keep your privacy as much as possible for yourself, then the Disconnect Pro app (or Privacy Pro) is an outcome. This handy tool, however, depends on an app-priced price tag. For the iOS version we counted as much as € 27.99. If this is a one-off issue, you do not need to expect further subscription fees.


What the app does is simply block all tracking links that are hidden in a web page you visit. You may have noticed that a website of a large website - think of a newspaper or popular news site - is rather slow. At the bottom left you will see all kinds of strange leftovers flashing. All those links are connections made with a tracking service. Often, even these connections are built up before you see the content of the requested page. So wait!

Speed ​​and less data traffic

Privacy Pro thus has a number of benefits in addition to protecting your privacy. Because the tracking links are blocked, a page sponsored by such a mess often loads pieces faster. Also, fewer data is sent back and forth, which can be especially expensive for mobile browsing under the line of expensive Megabytes. So the app is also worth the money in other areas.


In addition, iOS users will see a VPN icon. Inquiry from the app's appliance learns that this is only an internal, local VPN server running on your iOS device. This trick was required under this mobile operating system to allow Privacy Pro to work. You can also use the app to use a real VPN provider together. Only requirement is that it creates a VPN profile under the PERSONAL VPN heading (see app Settings under VPN). Privacy Pro does not itself provide VPN functionality. Has the advantage that the full speed of your internet connection remains available and the service can only run voluntarily. It is also striking that there is no Android version available. That's probably due to the fact that Google's app has always been thrown out of Play - the app store for this OS. Not surprisingly, of course, because Google is tracking. There is also a Mac version available.