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10 sexual tips to be a daring woman

Life is a project, our intimate life is also a project, it needs to have purposes and goals. It is always necessary to give some nudges to recover the desire and passion in sexual relationships. It’s time to be a bit more daring to end routine and conquer new frontiers in sex . Here are 10 very warm tips to return to have unforgettable moments with your partner .

1. Forget about fatigue and stress
The worst enemies of sex are stress , responsibilities, lack of sleep and fatigue . And women suffer all these problems very often. Do not forget that sex is one of the best natural relaxers . If you spend so much energy at work, why not make a small effort to have a nice sexual moment ? Every day and at any age, we are on time to wake up eroticism, do not let your life be like that of a robot that only works and sleeps.

It is not because you have been with your partner for years that you stop being a woman with desires and attractive. It is not necessary to have model measures to awaken your partner’s passion . Reinforce your self-esteem , that will make you more receptive to sex. Try any of the beauty treatments or a massage . And repeat with me: I’m sensual !

2. Take the initiative in sex
Demonstrating your wishes is the best way to warm up your partner’s wishes . The routine always makes us invent an apology type “better tomorrow”. Surprise your man with a special attitude, an intimate affection when he least expects it. Taking the initiative will reinforce your image as a lover in the eyes of your partner. For example, tell him to stop the car when you go on a trip and ask him to make love to you, grab him in the elevator or in the bathroom of a public place. Do not limit your sexual desires , it’s time to commit love follies.

3. Make love more times
Old times those, sex in the car, at home, on the beach, at night, during the day … And why not increase the frequency of your sexual relations now ? Recover your sexual spirit from when you were young and surprise your partner by renewing your sexual appetite . It is not a sin to say “I want more sex!” You are not dead

4. Fulfill the sexual desires of your partner
Is there a sexual desire that your partner has asked you many times and you have not wanted to do it? For example, fellatio or anal sex ? Think about it better, do not let yourself be stopped by shame or certain prejudices , if you feel like it, go ahead.

5. Confess your sexual fantasies
Come to your ear and confess your lover your sexual fantasies , surely with a little seduction he will be ready to make them come true. How easy and fun it is to fulfill wishes in bed.

6. Be a woman who thinks about sex
Thinking about sex will make you want to have more sex. Imagination is free to dream of wonderful sexual situations . It is also good to remember great moments of love . If you want, do not cut and mastúrbate, contrary to what many think, that will make you have more desire for sex with your partner. If your libido has decreased, push it, imagining new situations, rent erotic movies …

7. Do not always make love in the same way
Find more information about sex and you will find many different positions to have sex. Postures, techniques, new tricks will improve your sex life . Doing the same thing everyday is boring. It seeks to read the Kamasutra, to know tantric sex , there are thousands of possibilities to open new frontiers in sex.

8. Two orgasms is better than one
Having an orgasm is much easier than you imagine. The female body is blessed and prepared to be multi-orgasmic . It’s just a matter of practice: when you reach the climax , do not stop, keep stimulating, maybe you’ll discover that you’re a multi-orgasmic super woman.

9. Buy yourself sex toys
Sex toys are very fun and one is a highly recommended weapon to reactivate your sex life and reach higher levels of pleasure. Forget about prejudices, two adults have the right to enjoy more of their sexual relationships. Visit a sex shop with your partner , there are very attractive things for him and for you. You will return from the purchase very animated.

10. Sex walks and trips
A surprising getaway to be alone is very aphrodisiac . When have you been alone with your partner in an idyllic place for the last time? Prepare a small trip where the first goal is sex, and the second goal is sex, the third is also. Choose a good hotel, with Jacuzzi in the room and lock yourself with your beloved to make love. No children , no hurry, just the two.

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